Ryuutama Homebrew: The Clergyman

The Clergyman

The Clergyman has dedicated themselves to a life of service to a divinity or divinities and to applying the related teachings to their day-to-day life. It could be anything from an all encompassing force to a pantheon of hamsters.

Example Jobs

Priest, Monk, Cleric, etc…


Name Effect Usable Circumstance Stats Used Target Number
Ritual Cleansing The Clergyman can mix together water and herbs and use the mixture to cleanse and reinvigorate a person’s spirit. The target’s MP is restored equal to the Clergyman’s [INT+SPI] roll. It is a complicated process so the job will be less impressive if done in the heat of battle. IN such a circumstance only [INT] is rolled. Out of combat.

When spending an herb.


(during combat [INT] only)

Herb Gathering Find a single herb. Once each morning, before the Travel Check. [STR+INT]

Fumble Find 3 herbs.:

Critical: Fine no herbs and get [poison: 6].

Homes for the Pious The faithful look after their own, and the Clergyman can find lodgings equivalent to a Basic Room (pg61) in most settlements for free. Using this skill they can also make sure the rest of the party gets lodgings like that for half their regular price. When in town and looking for a place to stay. [DEX+INT] Village (50-500): 9

Town (500-5 000): 7

City (5000-20 000): 4

City XL: 2

For more information about the game see http://kotohi.com/ryuutama/

  • Ravn (5th of July, 2016)

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