Ryuutama Homebrew: The Chef

The Chef

The Chef is adept at making and dealing with food and the best chefs can even cook up something amazing from mediocre ingredients.

Example Jobs

Cook, Food Writer, Gourmet, Nutritionist, etc…


Name Effect Usable Circumstance Stats Used Target Number
Culinary Master Can spend lower quality rations to put together Delicious Rations (pg 66). Spending 2d4 Disgusting Rations or 1d4 Rations to get 1 Delicious Ration. [DEX+INT]

Fumble: All involved rations are destroyed.

Critical: get 1d4+1 Delicious Rations.

Anything else is a success and grants 1 Delicious Ration.

Anatomical Precision Deal a full [INT] die in damage rather than [INT]-1 when using a Light Blade. When in combat, and using a Light Blade. [DEX+INT]+1 (accuracy)

[INT] (damage)

Target’s Initiative.
Homebrewer The Chef can brew up some alcohol using what nature provides, but it takes time.

The result at the end is as many units of alcohol as the container would be able to hold of water.

Putting water and herbs into a water container and letting brew for 3-4 weeks.

The number of herbs required is half of the container’s carrying capacity (fractions are rounded up). For example, a barrel has a carrying capacity of 10, and so brewing a batch of alcohol in it requires 5 herbs.


Fumble: Upon consumption by someone of Condition 6 or lower, the brew causes the condition [poisoned: 6].

Critical: Upon consumption the alcohol increases the drinker’s [STR] and decreases the [INT] by one die size. The increase in [STR] is not cumulative, but the decrease in [INT] is.

Any other result gives a batch of alcohol which functions normally as described on page 66 in the rules.


For more information about the game see http://kotohi.com/ryuutama/

  • Ravn (5th of July, 2016)

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